Kiely Bros.

Plant Manager Case Study

The Company

Kiely Bros. is a privately owned company with almost 40 years experience of Surface Dressing. It has become firmly established throughout the UK as a leading Specialist Surface Treatment Contractor. The Company has grown steadily and has developed excellent relationships with numerous Local Authorities.

The Requirement

As the company expanded, so did the amount of administration required, and issues such as keeping accurate and up to date records of owned plant were becoming more time consuming to manage. Additionally, keeping accurate service records and monitoring maintenance costs became more difficult to control.

Hired plant presented its own issues as Kiely Bros. were now operating nationally throughout the UK and as such, keeping accurate records of hired plant currently on site, together with monitoring hire charges and ensuring plant was utilised, incurring costs on contracts was an area that the company identified within the business where substantial savings could be achieved.

The company was also generating a huge amount of paperwork, and required a solution that would enable hired and owned plant to be managed more efficiently, with information available to multiple departments, without the need for all the paperwork.

The Solution

Kiely Bros. contacted Joyce Software, to develop a solution to solve the issues raised and after a meeting with the company, Joyce Software proposed their Plant Manager software which would meet the criteria.

Joyce Software assisted Kiely Bros. in drawing up an implementation plan, including importing various spreadsheet information into Plant Manager, arranging training and being on hand for the installation to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible.

Once the program was fully up and running, Joyce Software continue to offer support, not only on technical issues, but also offers advice on additional features of the software that may benefit Kiely Bros. and through close collaberation, have added additional functionality to the software which will not only benefit KIELY Bros., but also some of Joyce Software’s other customers.

"Joyce Software assisted Kiely Bros. in drawing up an implementation plan."
"Once the program was fully up and running, Joyce Software continue to offer support."

Kiely Bros. and Plant Manager

After running the software for a period of time, Kiely Bros. have found the program to be very user friendly and are now taking advantage of a number of benefits that the program has identified, from saving money on hired plant and having the advantage of keeping accurate and up to date records of owned plant.

Additional benefits have included :-

Using the quotes facility within the software saves time instead of having to search through paper quotes, the screen now prompts us to use the cheapest supplier when hiring equipment, saving money on hire costs which if the wrong supplier is used can be a costly error when hiring long term.

The ability to accurately track where an item of plant is and move it around sites without creating a paper chain.

When checking invoices, the program calculates all costs for you to match to, from prices and the on and off hired dates, instead of having to rely on paper notes, the information is all on one screen.

Since running the program they have to date already made savings with invoice queries of over £1000 per month, which otherwise would have gone unnoticed, these are from being over charged on prices, to wrong off hire dates, and bank holiday shut downs.

With their vast amount of own fleet, the owned plant section is now tracking with more accuracy when MOT’s are due, Tax Disc run out, Services are due and Operators Licence Renewals, instead of having to rely on a few charts and diary entries, they can now run a report which gives all information at a touch of a button. Also having the remind report which flags you a note to remind you a test is due has proved very helpful.

They now have the facility to log all maintenance work carried out on vehicles, and run reports for costs accordingly, this is an area they have never had information to hand and had no means of logging manually other than checking through each individual invoice.

“Plant Manager has made managing both our hired and owned plant so much easier. Not only have we benefitted from spending less time managing our own plant, we have also reduced our plant hire costs considerable.”

Clare Morris

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