Armoury Demolition

Plant Manager Case Study

The Company

Armoury Demolition prides itself by completing contracts to budget and time with numerous demolition projects throughout the country. The company uses innovative techniques within the industry. Their clients range from local authorities to private and public development companies.

Armoury demolition prides itself on client service and reputation.

The Requirement

The main problem areas that the company highlighted were accurate location of plant, resourcing of plant, health and safety, cost control specifically regarding plant hire and company invoice processing. Administration time allocated to invoice checking small values were also a concern to the company.

Many departments within the company were not receiving accurate information and on time. Time spent collating total cost spends for plant would take days rather than minutes.

The Solution

Armoury Demolition contacted Joyce software after extensive research in the construction software industry. Many software products on the market were found to be specifically for plant hire companies.

We were asked to demonstrate the program to a number of departments within the company. It was apparent that the program met all their requirements.

A number of features that were not on the Armoury checklist were demonstrated. The Health and Safety department welcomed these additional features.

Joyce Software agreed a lease amount, which included installation, training and support. The whole process from initial contact had taken just three weeks.

"It was apparent that the program met all their requirements."
"The whole process from initial contact had taken just three weeks."

Armoury Demolition and Plant Manager

Armoury Demolition has been using the Plant Manger software for four years. The key areas where Plant Manager has been utilised is within the Plant, H&S, Site Management, and Accounts departments.

Benefits to Armoury Demolition have included :-

Reduced overcharging by plant hire companies. 68% of all overcharging and incorrect invoices redeemed within one month. Saving on plant hire invoices totalling 21% for 2009.

A warning system within the program which anticipates plant testing requirements for 12 month plant tests and 6 months chain testing to name just two.

Possible Insurance premium reductions Plant Manager endorsed by AVIVA Group.

The ability to program services and maintenance schedules due.

The surveying department having up to the minute cost analysis of owned and hired plant per contract or specific item of plant.

Location reports either job specific or item plant specific.

Robust and multiple search facilities, location of all plant within seconds.

Detailed history of all plant locations from first to last location, including information on servicing and maintenance.

"Plant Manager has given our company fast and accurate information for our plant and machinery. Costs in every department have been reduced. The response from Joyce Construction was second to none. A first class service.”

Tom Cheney

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